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Each pupil gets their own laminated evidence book. 

Pupils work with their partners to solve a variety of

history challenges.  There’s no writing on this tour - just

really good discussions about old maps, images, and


Each educational tour has been planned from the

ground up to give your class a ‘Curriculum for

Excellence’ designed experience.  If your class are

currently working on the history of Edinburgh or even

on Scottish history, then this is the tour for you.  

Each tour incorporates the classic ‘Old Edinburgh’

stories you’ll probably have looked at with your

classes.  Old Edinburgh names such as Greyfriars

Bobby, Burke and Hare and Deacon Brodie are all

covered on this tour.

This isn’t just a ‘walk and talk’ tour. However, your

pupils will work with partners to solve a variety of

evidence-based mysteries.  They will use old maps,

compare locations now with archive images, hear

eyewitness accounts and see replica historical objects.

When you trust your class trip with us you know you’ll

be getting a high-quality educational experience. 

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Studying Old Edinburgh?

Teacher designed and delivered tours

Each tour uses interesting ‘props’ to bring

Edinburgh’s history to life.  Here we can see one girl

use a replica pair of thumbscrews on her guide! 

Although we do tell some of Edinburgh’s ‘horrible

history’ we tell it in an appropriate way.

What have teachers said about our tours?

Our Old Town tours video

Your Primary 5-7 Old Edinburgh tour

Your Primary 3-4 Old Edinburgh tour

The Primary 3 - 4 tour is a great way to let

your pupils discover Edinburgh’s past while

using historical evidence.

Highlights of this tour include; using a map

from 1647 and a selection of old images to

work out what happened to Greyfriars Kirk, 

recreating the old Tolbooth prison using their

own bodies, following in the footsteps of King

James IV and his bride, discovering what life

was like in an Old Town close, finding out the

different versions of the Greyfriars Bobby

story and learning about how the

bodysnatchers worked together to dig up

freshly buried bodies. 

This tour includes a short snack break in

Greyfriars Kirkyard and an exploration of the

Old Town. 

Click here to learn more about this tour.


Our Primary 6 and 7 Old Town tour is perfectly

differentiated for older primary pupils.

Your class will work in pairs to solve a variety

of different evidence-based problems.  From

analysing an archive image of Deacon William

Brodie to comparing Edinburgh maps of 1780

and 1820 to discover how the Old Town

changed (while standing in the locations that

have been altered over time), this tour is a

brilliant way to get your class out and about in

Old Edinburgh.  Historical props and visual

images are also used to bring the past to life.

This tour includes a short snack break in

Greyfriars Kirkyard and an exploration of the

Old Town. 

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“The Old Town Tour was a brilliant

experience for my class. The enthusiasm

of Robert our tour guide really captured

the children’s attention and the

gruesome and gory content of the

stories added to their enjoyment. I

would highly recommend the tour for

any class studying the History of

Scotland or Edinburgh.”

Neil Ritchie, Class Teacher

“I was recently involved in a Historical

Edinburgh Tours crime and punishment

tour with a guide named Robert. I can't

praise it enough! He was loud, audible and

clear when talking so nobody missed

anything which was fantastic because I

was with a group of 40 people! Robert also

came equipped with a tri-pod and some

Lego figures as visual aids which kept a

group of youngsters interested!

What have pupils said about our tours?

“I liked how the stories were about real things

that had happened and Robert made them

interesting “

(Jack, P6

“Dear Robert,

Thank you for showing us Old Edinburgh on

our School Trip on Monday.  Even though it

was raining, we still had fun and a nice day. 

It was very nice of you to take us touring

around our beautiful city.

We hope you are able to show us more

another time.

With best wishes,


Primary 3 of Castleview Primary School

Health and Safety

This drawing shows me using one of our most

popular historical props…

PVG scheme certified guide 

Your guide is a part-time Edinburgh

teacher and therefore has

completed all the necessary

Disclosure Scotland checks.

We only cross at the lights!  

We know how important risk

assessment is!  All our tours have

been designed to have as few road

crossings as possible, and we

always cross at the lights.

Life as a teacher is busy enough

without having to plough through lots

of website text in a bid to find out if a

resource is suitable for your class.  This

four minutes and fourteen-second long

video clip should give you a taster of

what Historic Edinburgh Tours can offer

your class when they come on one of

our guided walking tours around ‘Old


We meet you in Greyfriars Kirkyard, and

our upper stage tours typically start at

9.45 and finish at 12.30.  Our middle

stages tours usually finish at around 12

am.  All of our tours currently cost £90

per class.  If you have less that 20

pupils in your class, please contact us

for discounted rates.

We’re more than happy to tailor times

to suit your needs.

Relevant CfE Experiences and Outcomes

I can use primary and secondary sources selectively

to research events in the past.

SOC 2-01a

I can interpret historical evidence from a range of

periods to help to build a picture of Scotland’s

heritage and my sense of chronology.

SOC 2-02a

I can investigate a Scottish historical theme to

discover how past events or the actions of

individuals or groups have shaped Scottish society.

SOC 2-03a

I can discuss why people and events from a

particular time in the past were important, placing

them within a historical sequence.

SOC 2-06a

I understand that evidence varies in the extent to

which it can be trusted and can use this in learning

about the past.

SOC 1-01a

By exploring places, investigating artefacts and locating

them in time, I have developed an awareness of the

ways we remember and preserve Scotland’s history.

SOC 1-02a

I can use evidence to recreate the story of a place or

individual of local historical interest.

SOC 1-03a

I can compare aspects of people’s daily lives in the past

with my own by using historical evidence or the

experience of recreating an historical setting.

SOC 1-04a

Social Studies “Es and Os”

Primary 3-5 Tour

Social Studies “Es and Os”

Primary 5-7 Tour

“Fantastic & thoroughly engaging trip for our P3/4s on Monday. We learned so much. Really well thought out, lively and well pitched. Your enthusiasm and sense of humour were contagious! I would thoroughly recommend!” J.Ross - Class Teacher
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