Early Years Castle Tour
This First Level tour has been designed to give your class an inspiring and interactive exploration of either Craigmillar Castle or Edinburgh Castle.  This tour will last around one hour. Tours available Monday-Wednesday and cost £2 per pupil.  Your tour will be led by a qualified primary school teacher. If you would like a guided tour of Edinburgh Castle please note that guides aren’t allowed in buildings with their groups on this property.
A very different ‘Castle’ experience! This tour has been designed to give your pupils an understanding of why castles were made, what typical features were used in their design (and why) and also what life was like for the different social groups within the castle. Some of the things that makes this a valuable addition to your castles project include; -a safe, compact but historically interesting route which uses the outside and inside of the castle -age-appropriate stories -suitably challenging interactive activities which will involve pupils working with partners to decide how they would attack or defend the castle

What will the class see and do?

This tour meets just outside your chosen castle.  We will then

carry out the following activities; 

1 - What makes a castle a castle - we’ll look at why castles were

built and what made them different from palaces and homes.

2- We will put ourselves in role as attackers and defenders, and

we’ll look at the different types of soldiers and weapons available

throughout the history of the castle.  We’ll look at the different

types of weaponry and decide which ones would be used at

certain points in the castle’s defense. This allows pupils to

understand why castles look the way they do and why, ultimately,

they changed into palaces or were disused.

3 - We will ‘attack’ the castle by getting as close as we can to the

outer walls.  We’ll imagine that we were the attacking army and

we’ll discuss the architectural features castle builders used to

intimidate and destroy their enemies. 

4 - We’ll explore the interior of the castle.  We’ll see what clues

exist to tell us what the rooms were used for and we’ll work out

whether these rooms were for the rich, the staff or the defense of

the castle.  In Edinburgh Castle, we can also look at a timeline of

the castle’s history.

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