Your route and documentation

This sped up video shows you the route we

plan on taking around the Old Town. 

Sometimes events in the Old Town mean we

have to make a few diversions, and we’re

always happy to add in locations you’ve been

discussing with your class, so this is simply a

quick guide to the expected (but not definite)


There are toilets in the Museum of Scotland

which you can ask the Museum about using. 

You may wish to book their free-to-use Lunch

Room and then explore the Museum after this

tour.  We’ve included the route from the

Museum to the starting place at Greyfriars.  

The Museum opens at 10am. 

You’ll meet me next to the grave of Greyfriars

Bobby inside Greyfriars Kirkyard on

Candlemaker Row.  Please don’t go to the


Thanks for getting this far down the page!  You

can download our risk assessment document and

our information sheet by clicking on the

document images to the right.  Although you’ll

have to fill out your own risk assessment, (and

legally we have to say that our document is

merely a guide), this should provide a useful

guide to the tour you are taking and any risks you

will need to manage.

Please watch the route video as this will also

highlight the crossings we intend to use.  Please

note that there can sometimes be events in the

Old Town which require us to alter the route


We would be delighted to take your class tour and

are available most Mondays, Tuesdays, and

Wednesdays during the 2017/18 academic


Use the ‘Contact Us’ button to get in touch.  We

look forward to hearing from you!


Suggested Risk Assessment
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