First Level Old Edinburgh Tour
This first Level tour has been designed to give your class an exciting and interactive experience on the streets of Edinburgh’s historic Old Town whilst following experiences and outcomes from the Curriculum for Excellence. This tour lasts about an hour and a half and covers many ‘Old Edinburgh’ stories you’ll have explored in class.  Tours available Monday- Wednesday and cost £3 per pupil.  Your tour will be led by a qualified primary school teacher.
Your visual journey around Old Edinburgh Suggested Risk Assessment documentation and tour route
Old Town Outdoors Learning We think the best way to learn about yesterday’s Edinburgh is to get your class outside and into the heart of today’s modern capital city.  There’s something really inspiring about seeing a class imagine a building which hasn’t existed for hundreds of years!  This First Level Old Edinburgh tour features; -a safe, compact but historically interesting route -age-appropriate stories -suitably challenging activities which will involve pupils working with partners to analyse historical artefacts and evidence - typical ‘Old Edinburgh project’ stories such as Greyfriars Bobby, Deacon Brodie, Burke and Hare and ‘gardyloo’!

What will the class see and do? 

This tour meets in Greyfriars Kirkyard.  We will then visit the

following Old Town locations: 

1 - Greyfriars Kirkyard.  We’ll compare the Kirk today with how it

is shown on the 1647 map and in other images.  We’ll also

explore gravestones, anti-bodysnatcher deterrents, and torture

equipment!  Don’t worry - it’s all age appropriate!

2 - Candlemaker Row and the Grassmarket for the story of King

James IV and the Flodden Wall.

3 - The West Bow.  We’ll see how accurate an archive image of

this street was as we look for clues in the present-day buildings.

4 - Riddle’s Court.  We’ll look at the story behind this recently

renovated 16th-century mansion.

5 - Parliament Square.  We explore the long-lost Tolbooth Prison.

6 - An Old Town Close (possible Advocate’s Close.)   We’ve

included more details on the documentation for this tour.  This

can be found here.

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