Your interactive and collaborative tour

This guided tour isn’t a simple ‘walk and talk,' we

continually challenge the pupils by asking them to discuss

possible answers with their partners.   You can see an

example of this questioning in the picture shown to the

right of this text.  We ask this question when we are in the

Museum of Scotland.  There’s a relevant exhibit there

which lets us analyse the story behind an artefact.

At other times in the tour, we ask the pupils to discuss the

how much has changed between a modern re-creation of

Kirk o’Field and the location we see today.

Working with partners makes encourages peer support

and knowing that they can show their answers individually

helps keeps everyone on-task.

This tour has been designed to get kids talking about their

city.  Historic Edinburgh Tours believe that debating and

discussing opinions is a great active learning strategy.  Not

only does it encourage healthy debate, it also increases


You can see some of our laminated booklets in the picture

to the left of this text.  Partners are either ‘red’ or ‘yellow. 

We use an archive map of the city to show what areas

remain and what impact the streets of Mary’s time had on

the layout of today’s city. 

We explore artefacts in the Museum of Scotland and in

Greyfriars Kirkard and we retrace Mary’s own journey

around Edinburgh’s Old Town.

Your visual journey around Old Edinburgh Suggested Risk Assessment documentation and tour route Collaborative learning and  interactive questioning on this tour
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