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Old Edinburgh project
This Old Town tour is perfect for P5-P7 classes who are studying ‘Old Edinburgh’ as a topic.  The pupils will analyse and follow the 1647 map of the Old Town.  There are plenty of opportunities to use different types of evidence to compare locations ‘then and now’ such as the West Bow and the Tolbooth prison.  Pupils will learn about Greyfriars Bobby, Deacon Brodie, Burke and Hare and life in a close…with each story being told in a relevant location.  This is ‘on the spot’ learning at its very best!  Suggested duration - 2 and a half hours (including snack stop) Bookings available Mon-Wed ,  £3 per pupil

Curriculum for Excellence

Second Level ‘Old Edinburgh’ Tour

Curriculum for Excellence

Second Level ‘Mary, Queen of Scots’ Tour

Curriculum for Excellence

Second Level ‘Charlie’s Edinburgh’ Tour

Follow in the footsteps of Mary, Queen of Scots with this educational tour around Old Town locations linked to the life of Scotland’s most famous monarch. We start this tour at the site of Kirk o’Field and use the famous ‘spy map’ to decipher the story of the murder of Mary’s second husband.   We’ll visit the Museum of Scotland to see the replica tomb of Mary before heading into Greyfriars Kirkyard to hear stories of some of her people. We then go out and explore Mary’s Old Town.  An optional extra has us visit the High Kirk of St Giles.  This costs 50p extra. Suggested duration - 2 and a half hours (including snack stop) Bookings available Mon-Wed ,  £3 per pupil    £3.5 St Giles visit
Explore ‘”Bonnie Prince Charlie’s” Edinburgh of 1745 in this specially designed educational tour.  We’ll take you around some of the Old Town locations which played a significant role in the Jacobite occupation of 1745.  We’ll start our tour in Greyfriars Kirkyard.  Here we’ll see graves of some significant Jacobites and Hanovarians.  Then we go into the Old Town, exploring Edinburgh as it was in 1745.  We’ll spend time recreating the surprise ‘attack’ on the Netherbow Port before we finish at the Mercat Cross, site of the symbolic end of the Jacobite rebellion. TOUR DUE LATE 2017

“The Old Town Tour was a brilliant experience

for my class. The enthusiasm of Robert our

tour guide really captured the children’s


Neil Ritchie, Class Teacher

“Fantastic & thoroughly engaging trip for our P3/4s on Monday. We learned so much. Really well thought out, lively and well pitched. Your enthusiasm and sense of humour were contagious! I would thoroughly recommend!” J.Ross - Class Teacher

Each tour and accompanying

resources has been designed by an

experienced primary school teacher.

Private Old Edinburgh tour
Our Victorian tour takes pupils around locations which help explore the story of life for Edinburgh’s poorest inhabitants during the reign of Queen Victoria.  Your class will learn about a pauper’s burial, the threat of the Poorhouse (Scotland’s equivalent of the workhouse), the different types of accomodation available to the poor and some of the improvements made to allieviate the dire conditions poor people had to live in. We’ll eyewitness accounts, old maps, archive photographs and more on this tour. TOUR DUE LATE 2017

Curriculum for Excellence

First Level ‘Old Edinburgh’ Tour

We’ll act as your guide around either Edinburgh or Craigmillar Castle.  We’ll use interactive learning tools to help your class understand how a castle was attacked and defended.  We explore the defences together before guiding the pupils to deduce what living conditions in the castle were like. Suggested duration - 2 and a half hours (including snack stop) Bookings available Mon-Wed ,  £2 per pupil (does not include booking the trip to the castle itself)
We’ve put together an Old Edinburgh tour which has been designed specifically for younger classes.  We use First Level appropriate evidence to help the pupils explore the Old Town. We’ll cover stories about Deacon Brodie, Burke and Hare (with a  more ‘age appropriate’ story) and Greyfriars Bobby.  We’ll also explore life in a close (with one of our most amusing props!).  Suggested duration - 1 and a half hours (including snack stop) Bookings available Mon-Wed ,  £3 per pupil

Curriculum for Excellence

Second Level ‘Life for the Poor’ Tour

Curriculum for Excellence

First Level ‘Castles’ Tour


Post-tour Resource

If you’re studying ‘Old Edinburgh’ with your class then our forthcoming resource will help you deliver the Curriculum for Excellence Social Studies Benchmarks.  This interactive whiteboard resource should be available for testing in September 2017.  Email us if you’re interested in testing it with your class.

The teacher who designed your

tour is also your guide!   He is still

a qualified teacher and is PVG


Your tour is planned to promote

high quality learning.  The tours are

designed to give maximum pupil


We plan our tours to follow Health and

Safety standards we would expect to

use with our own classes.

We are Luxury Travel Guide award

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We use visuals, props and laminated

evidence books to help pupils

visualise the time period they are


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