Your ‘picture book tour’!
“A picture tells a thousand words.”  It’s an old saying but one we really believe in.  Our images help us tell our stories, they help give the pupils more clues as to what we are investigating and they let the group compare locations ‘then and now’. On our Second Level Edinburgh tour these images are even more essential.  There are places where we will take your class where we explain how the area used to look.  The pupils might be using archive maps to develop their understanding of the area.  We boost their knowledge (and imagination) by using numerous images.  Why just ‘hear’ about the history of a place when you can see some of the people and buildings we’re talking about?  This also helps keep everyone focused, involved and supports children who have English as an additional language. Your guide will carry an A3 book packed with images to ensure this is a very visual tour.
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