Victorian Poverty Tour
This Second Level tour has been designed to give your class an inspiring and interactive exploration of life for the Victorian poor in Edinburgh’s Old Town.  This tour will last around two hours.  We are currently developing this tour and will be looking for classes to trial it in the final quarter of 2017. Tours available Monday-Wednesday and cost £3 per pupil.  Your tour will be led by a qualified primary school teacher. 
A very different ‘Victorian’ experience! This tour has been designed to let your class learn about a side of Victorian life that is often missed.  We’ll take a sympathetic look at the lives of those who history forgot.  This tour is almost certainly one which will excite discussion about equality and fairness in Victorian Edinburgh as well as in society today. Some of the things that makes this a valuable addition to your Victorians project include; -a safe, compact but historically interesting route -age-appropriate stories -suitably challenging activities which will involve pupils working with partners to analyse evidence - eyewitness accounts of people living below the poverty line, on the actual streets where these people lived.

What will the class see and do? 

(This is our outline plan for a tour which is currently being developed - it will possibly change!)

This tour meets in front of the John Knox House.  We will then

visit the following Old Town locations: 

1 - St Mary’s Wynd and Blackfriars Wynd - we’ll look at

eyewitness stories of people who lived here and we’ll use the

buildings today to see what they tell us about the Victorian

past.  We’ll also discover the sectarianism directed against Irish

immigrant families and we’ll see what efforts were made to

fight this.

2 - The Museum of Scotland.  We’ll have a toilet break here and

visit the main hall of the Museum.  We’ll compare what we see

now with an archive image.

3 - The Poorhouse.  We’ll look at what support was out there for

people below the poverty line and we’ll learn about the shame

associated with this as well as the hierarchy of poverty.

4 - Greyfriars Kirkyard.  We’ll discover why Greyfriars Kirkyard is

possibly the worst place to learn about Victorian poverty…but

we will see what it can tell us!  We’ll also look at probably the

most famous Victorian Edinburgh story, the legend of Greyfriars


4 - The Grassmarket and the Common Lodging Houses - we’ll

look at life in these places and learn why they existed. Our tour

finishes with a survey in the Grassmarket.  There are many

traces of evidence on buildings which were built to help the

Victorian (and Edwardian) poor.

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