Why choose Historic Edinburgh Tours?
Learning outside the classroom is usually a memorable experience for classes, but trips do come with their own set of challenges.  Historic Edinburgh Tours have designed and resourced a range of Edinburgh tours for primary school classes which remove as many of these challenges as possible. These tours have been built to be interactive, safe, fun and memorable. Our tours were made to cover experiences and outcomes in the Curriculum for Excellence and to support classroom learning. We pilot all of our tours before we run them commercially.  This allows us to listen to feedback and then alter and develop what we do so that your classes benefit. Below we’ve outlined just five of the things we think we do well; 1 - Each tour and every resource has been designed by an experienced primary teacher. Each class is given an experience we’d want our own classes to have.  Routes have been carefully planned to maximise learning and reduce danger.  Unlike many other tour companies, your group will be led by an experienced teacher, the very same teacher who has researched and resourced this tour.  Routes have been chosen so that we can use excellent locations, tell interesting stories and do it all in a safe and lower risk environment. Each of our guided tours is a beautifully crafted learning experience which has been designed to let your children immerse themselves in Edinburgh’s history.
2 - Your guide is a teacher. It helps to have someone who knows how to keep a class on-task!  Your guide has over twenty years of primary school experience, and he uses this to ensure that as many of your learners are engaged as possible. Robert is a practicing primary school teacher and, as such, has full PVG certification.  He holds a BEd (Hons) in Primary Education and has served as a classroom teacher, a Senior Teacher, a Principal Teacher a Depute Headteacher (acting) and has been involved in educational projects which have involved liaison with major UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
3 - The tours are designed to promote collaborative work and include interactive elements. This isn’t an expository tour!  We’ve incorporated numerous opportunities for pupils to share resources, show their opinions by using strategies such as ‘fist to five’ while they vote on different options shown in our A3 teacher book.  Each pupil will get a set of coloured and laminated sheets, these differ between partners and allow for discussion of evidence and artefacts on tour.
4 - We use lots of props and visuals on this tour. We know how important it is to use pictures to help tell our stories.  Pupils with English as an additional language particularly benefit from our use of archive images and props.  We’ve got quite a selection of images in our teacher A3 guide book.  This book is big enough for everyone to see, lets us pinpoint parts of the pupil's workbooks to focus on AND gives us an ability to show lots of ‘then and now’ views of the various places we are visiting. We sometimes use the pupils as a resource themselves - the image on the left shows your guide using a class to recreate the walls of the long-lost Tolbooth Prison. Our list of props is quite impressive.  Pupils may get to use replica thumbscrews, they’ll see what amazing invention hit Edinburgh in 1694, and they’ll see one of the biggest issues in the Old Town…
5 - We’re an award winning tour company. Our standard grown-up tours have been very well received.  In only four years we’ve received 68 Excellent TripAdvisor reviews and 2 ‘Very Good’ ones and we received our Certificate of Excellence award in June. In 2016 we won a category of the Luxury Travel Guide awards, and we appeared on the Dutch TV equivalent of “Who do you think you are?”.
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